Shop my art: 8×11 Giclees available of the art featured. I will sign each giclees for you to make it more personal.


About me as an artist:

i’m an artist. i’m a baker. i used to be a candle shop maker.

Seriously! It’s true. I would say that is when I jumped into this internet world and began my adventure on what I wanted to do with this media tool.

However, my love started out with crayons many, many years ago. I remember the smell of the fresh box of crayons when I was younger. I loved drawing, creating, anything and everything to do with art was what I loved.

I became an elementary school teacher. Not an art teacher. My creativity is very evident in the classroom. My art is my creative outlet that I so enjoy and where I can just drift away on a sea of paint, color, imagination… in other words, it’s my stress relief.