Letting our January money “chill”


I struggle guys! I struggle a lot. Want to know what I struggle with? Seeing things that I really, really want on followers blogs, instagram, facebook and wanting to go out and purchase these items right away.

Some things are AMAZING deals and you just can’t pass it up. I get that. Like the super warm comforter I will be giving you a coupon code for because, I mean…HEART MELT WARM!!!!

But, there are some things that are wants.

Do you struggle with this or am I the only one? I’m hoping I’m not sailing this ship alone.


My last post focused on our master bedroom decor makeover inspo. board which I’m still planning on doing. However, I like to let things sit and just mull it over for a bit instead of quickly buying the items that I want. Like NOW!

I want to get the best deal on wallpaper, a large throw rug, and we are also adding new closet doors because HELLO to a BIG ANT INFESTATION when we moved in! {All of the doors are currently off of our closets.}


I’m also a big advocate of shopping your home. Not your home, like I’m literally not walking into your home and stealing your stuff, but actually shopping MY home so I don’t go out and spend more money on stuff that I already have or can use in a different way. I did a big shop my home #bghshopit this past summer.


So, what are your tips for letting your mind and money just “chill,” rest, and grow for a month? Here are mine…

  1. Create inspo. boards or head over to Pinterest and start “pinning”
  2. Hello priorities~Make a list of wants vs. needs
  3. If you find the urge, use those gift cards, baby! Or figure out the MOST FRUGAL way to get what is needed/ or, yikes…wanted.
  4. Budget meetings are KEY!
  5. Find some inspirational money saving people/blogs to follow too. Watch those for a bit instead of ones that make you want to go out and buy everything in Target, Pottery Barn, Wayfair,…catch my drift?  images-5
  6. Stick to those New Year Goals. Make one, or some today! It’s a great day to start. 🙂









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