Fill Your Home With The Things You Love~and…an exciting announcement at the end

Breezy Green Home (4)

Why would you do any different? Creating a home of warmth, comfort, and love can be easy and not as expensive as you may think. Of course, we have all poured and drooled over other spaces and start to feel the guilt of “I can’t afford to do that.” But, what can you afford to do? What are some simple fixes that won’t break your budget and give you the creative boost you might be looking for?

My one rule is that IT MUST BE FUNCTIONAL. Sorry to yell that, but if you can’t move in it how are you going to feel comfortable? If a space is full of clutter and not functional for you or your family then that’s a huge problem and it causes STRESS. That’s when you have to clean out and do the sometimes scary job, but healthy job of tossing out.

I digress…

To make it easier for yourself answer these questions below which will allow you to hone in on what style you like for your family and yourself.

  1. What room would you like to begin with that is easy on your budget?
  2. What is this room currently used for?
  3. What would you like this room to be used for?
  4. Can you “shop your home” and find pieces that will work in that room first?
  5. What is one big piece that is not needed in this room?
  6. What is one big piece that you would like to see in this room?


Go to your local small business shop {antique mall, flea market, boutique} and allow yourself to buy 4 pieces ( big, medium, or small) that is the theme that you would like to set in this space.

Please share your theme in the comment section.



LAUNCHING IN SPRING of 2018!  I will be offering a virtual design service where you send me pictures of your space that you would like redone and I will virtually make it happen for you, coupling my artistic vision with your room goals, to create a space for true realistic home living. Are you ready?

I am Layla and Kevin Palmer trained theletteredcottage  or I should say, I’m a current student of theirs, so I’m learning from a top notch crew who has worked with designers and magazines and more! I’m currently using theeee best professional photo shop program and can’t wait to share this magic with you! We’re going to have some fun together!

Sooo, let’s make a home room by room that you really love!




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