Ready or not… It’s Winter Wednesday

Welcome to Winter Wednesday! A day when I blog about some items that you might want to snag to fight those Winter Blues, or flit around in the snow in, and maybe to just put a smile on your face when the temps drop and the snow flies.

Untitled design (5)
Winter Ice and Everything Nice

PREPARE~ I see the messages all over and I’m not trying to rush the weather. Trust me, but we know that winter is soon approaching, so whether you’re ready or not, I thought I’d put together some fun items to grab now to make winter fun because hey, we all need a winter “pick me-up” at some point. Am I right?

{I linked most of the items so you can link and shop if you’d like! You’re welcome ;)}

Item number 1.

Twinkle Lights

Item number 2.

A warm knit hat like Nana used to knit

Get this hat here @ shitthatiknit 

Sh*t That I Knit is a Boston Based Company

Item number 3.

Fleece Pullover from L.L. Bean

Item number 4.

L.L. Bean “Duck Boots” as we call them up here in the North Country







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